The Miracle of Twin Kitty Survivors: From Lawnmower Mishap to a Lifetime of Love

Introducing Jack and Jill, the adorable kittens of the month sponsored by Meow Mail! These two little ones are identical tripod twins and they’re truly a force to be reckoned with. However, their journey to where they are now was not an easy one. Luckily, kind-hearted individuals were there to lend a helping hand. According to Sarah Richardson, a critical care cat rescuer for Community Cats of Central Arkansas, she received a call one night from a veterinarian at an emergency clinic who was seeking assistance for the two kittens who had been injured by a lawnmower.

A lady residing on a vast piece of land in rural Arkansas was mowing her lawn one evening when an unfortunate incident took place. She didn’t own any cats and had never seen them around her property before. Moreover, the tall grass made it hard for her to spot anything while mowing. The next morning, on her way to the car, she heard muffled cries in the distance. She continued to look for the sound until she finally discovered two small kittens huddled together, clinging tightly to each other.

Acting Swiftly to Help
As soon as the woman realized what had occurred, her heart sank. Knowing that the kittens needed urgent medical attention, she rushed them to the emergency vet. However, the cost of the surgery was beyond her financial means. When she offered to pay what she could, she was given the choice between euthanasia or medication. “The vet informed me that without the surgery, the kittens would have to be put down,” explained Sarah. “Even though we didn’t have the funds, we managed to scrape together some money and secured financing for the remaining amount. I just couldn’t imagine the thought of them being put to sleep.” The following day, Sarah took the kittens to her personal vet for the necessary emergency surgery that required amputation of their back left legs. Just when progress was made, Sarah received more troubling news…

The kittens that Sarah took in were much younger than she initially thought, at only 5 weeks old and weighing less than a pound. They had not even been fully weaned yet, which made the surgery Sarah had to perform quite risky. However, Sarah had no other option as the kittens had very little chance of survival without it. Despite their small size, the kittens proved to be strong and resilient, surviving the surgery successfully. Sarah was amazed at how these tiny creatures had such a strong will to live and nothing seemed to slow them down. They truly were tiny but mighty!

Meet Jack and Jill, the twin kittens with matching names and physical features. These siblings are so alike that it’s difficult to distinguish between them, except for their genders. Interestingly, both of them have lost their back left legs, making them identical tripods.

Jack and Jill have an unbreakable bond that is truly remarkable. Their unwavering love and support for each other have helped them overcome many challenges. Sarah has vowed to find them a forever home as a pair because they are inseparable. Separating them would be unthinkable, especially after all they have been through together. Sarah firmly believes that they need each other and will continue to advocate for their adoption as a bonded pair.

After their surgery, Jack and Jill have successfully transitioned to eating cat food and are no longer reliant on their mother’s milk. Sarah, their caretaker, is amazed at how well they’ve adapted. Despite having only three legs, the kittens are quickly learning to walk and play like other cats. Sarah is impressed with their progress so far and can’t wait to see them continue to grow and thrive. Jack and Jill’s lively personalities are already shining through as they play with toys and explore their surroundings. With the worst behind them, the kittens can finally relax and embrace all the joys of being young felines.

After rescuing Jack and Jill, it is important to note that they will require multiple visits to the veterinarian to ensure they are healing properly. Once they reach the appropriate age, they will receive full veterinary care and be spayed or neutered, ready to find their forever home. The person who found them attempted to locate their mother or any other possible kittens using humane traps, but unfortunately had no luck. It remains a mystery as to how the two kittens found themselves alone in the field, but everyone involved is grateful that they were found and are now safe and sound. Sarah expressed her amazement that they were able to survive the night with their injuries, emphasizing her gratitude for their timely rescue.

Jack and Jill’s medical expenses have put a significant financial burden on the rescue organization that took them in. The rescue, which is home to over 80 cats in need of critical care, is struggling to keep up with the costs of their rehabilitation. To help cover Jack and Jill’s medical expenses, donations can be made through the Meow Mail program. Community Cats of Central AR is a small non-profit organization that operates in a rural community with high rates of animal cruelty. They rely on the generosity of people who care about neglected, abused, and abandoned cats and kittens. With a donation as small as $10, you will receive a progress picture and a personalized update on how your contribution has made a difference in Jack and Jill’s life. If you want to continue helping cats and kittens in critical condition in the future, you may consider setting up a recurring donation to receive Meow Mail every month.

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